in various
capacities to meet
site needs.

+ Liners

AREA litter bins all have dedicated liners in moulded polyurethane for wide usages and which offer considerable advantages for local authorities:

  • light and easy-to-handle for collecting
  • do not damage paint when replaced in the bins, unlike metal liners.
  • round-shaped bottom part means that they are unusable outside the bin
  • exclude any risk of flammability in normal conditions of use; a cigarette or incandescent objects will not affect the liner.

+ Cigarette extinguisher option

In cities, pollution from cigarette butts has increased sharply since prohibition was introduced from smoking in public places, bars and restaurants, with the consequent increase in sidewalk smoking. Available as an option for all our litter bin models, the cigarette extinguisher limits the number of objects in public places and helps change smokers’ behaviour patterns. The central medallion in polished stainless steel on the top of the bin is marked by sandblasted signage. Once put out on the medallion, cigarettes can then be thrown into the bin without risk.

Generalization of drinking water in the 1950s brought about the disappearance of public fountains.

To back up the range of amenities in our towns, the time has come to once more provide this precious commodity in an urban setting – today in the form of drinking fountains.

Litter bins, Ashtrays & Drinking fountains