Seats are varying to make public spaces comfortable, enjoyable places, where people of all ages and sizes can feel at home and at ease throughout the day. Choosing a seat is dictated by where, how long or why we take time out.

AREA imagines and designs solutions to meet the diversity of expectations and accompany each moment in urban life.

+ 2 types of wood

Respectful of ecosystems, AREA uses a species of tropical wood from South American forests, whose exploitation and good management are certified by the PEFC label. This is a hard, very dense, rotproof wood, amber to brown in colour (similar to Iroko), ideal for public orders and permanent exterior use. Sometimes left untreated (boat decks, benches and square planters in a Victorian style), it oxidizes with variations of tone during the first year of exposure before gradually becoming grey.
AREA also proposes ashwood, chosen for its durability and qualities; a PEFC-certified local wood (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification), which is a real alternative to tropical wood. Resistant to bending and impacts with remarkable mechanical properties, this light-coloured wood has been used since antiquity (spear shafts), and formerly for making skis, sports rackets, spade handles, ladder rungs, rudders, oars etc.
Treated ash: for certain furniture ranges, we also propose ashwood treated under high pressure which is maintenance-free. This preservation treatment leaves wood with its raw aspect, and can later become grey naturally.

+ Minimum wood maintenance

Finishing on AREA furniture guarantees wood protection for approximately 2 years of outdoor exposure. The process consists in applying up to saturation 2 coats of a penetrating, non-film-forming product which is UV- and infrared-resistant. The end finish has the aspect of wood stain but is not a covering.
Authorities are therefore free to decide on whether or not to carry out wood maintenance programmes. If maintenance is not scheduled, protection diminishes very slowly and the wood gradually becomes grey.

AREA advice: if maintenance has been omitted and you want the wood to regain its natural aspect, it is important above all not to sandpaper or strip. Use cleaning products or those that remove the grey and revive colours; or, more simply, a high-pressure cleaner can be used (with care).

+ Efficient and discreet anchorage

Anchoring benches and litter bins is normally via screws and rawlplugs adapted to the ground.
To facilitate bench installation and integration, AREA proposes an alternative to traditional screw-based mounting: 4 M12 x 50mm factory-welded anchor rods make it possible to fix units directly without any visible screws. This anchoring solution has the twin advantages of being easy-on-the-eye and enhancing anti-theft protection.


benches and matching litter bins