Universal docking station

The urban furniture designer Area continues its work centered on the user and the social bond. He is now launching a range of benches that "cultivate his garden" in the heart of cities via a quest for essentials that turns his back on the accessory and the technological bidding. Available as chair, bench and double bench, Prague offers a design whose purity directly benefits comfort and price. A bench for all projects, conceived as a sharing platform where you just recharge your batteries, at your own pace: a furniture that reinvents the public bench in its most universal dimension.

Prague is street furniture from a different angle with ergonomics and comfort as recognizable as its design. The French company continues to invent a living environment that plumes the codes inside / outside. With this range, Area operates a translation that slides the "garden bench" into the public space. The result of specifications that are as simple as they are drastic, Prague is "the synthetic answer to all the problems of public space designers who want to combine form, function, quality and durability at an economical price. Aesthetic and affordable, it embodies democratic design. Discreet, it is not in aesthetic struggle with its environment but participates in its recovery thanks to the transparency provided by its backrest, the sharpness of its armrests and its base. In terms of user experience, the instant appropriation encouraged by the intimacy that emerges from its proportions makes it a real open social network that connects people naturally" explain Laure and Gilles Boudou, Area managers.

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