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The city center of Toulouse has been undergoing a transformation for several years. Selected in 2010, the Catalan Town planner and architect Joan Busquets, accompanied by the landscape architect Michel Desvigne, leads the redevelopment of the old center of the pink city. The objectives are multiple: Fluidify traffic, re-vegetalize public spaces, improve the quality of roads and urban lighting. At the same time, the landscape architect Henri Bava of the TER agency has been entrusted with the realization of the guide plan for the realization of a large urban natural park of nearly 30 km in length in order to engage the reconquest of the river. It was on the banks of the Garonne that the first redeveloped spaces were opened to the public: the Place de la Daurade and Place Saint Pierre now offer comfortable and warm spaces that quickly attracted Toulouseers.

Our benches, chairs, tree grates and tree guards placed in these spaces participate in the valorisation of the banks of the Garonne and the reappropriation of the river by the residents. The future workshops are numerous: Allées Jean Jaurès, Bayard Street, Place Saint Sernin, Ramier Island ... In the end, the city of Toulouse aims at the inscription of the old center in the world heritage list of Unesco.

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