assises européennes du paysage - aréa mobilier urbain

Nice – France – 6th and 7th of April 2016

Can landscape save the city ? The Mediterranean at the forefront

As a leading European landscape rendezvous, each new edition of the Assises hosts an ever growing crowd of clients, landscape partners, designers and advisors.

A place for reflection on landscape, plants, urban planning and their challenges, the Assises Européennes du Paysage have, since the beginning, addressed many topics in correlation with present problematics, inherent to the development of our cities. In this post COP21 year, the theme of the 7th Assises will be “Can landscape save the city? The Mediterranean at the forefront”. The growing coastal urbanization, exposure to climatic risks, conciliation of a growing demographic pressure with the preservation of a good quality of life: the Assises will offer a view, useful to many other regions and countries, through the prism of solutions found on the Mediterranean territories.

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