Published on 12 March 2018


Universal docking station

The urban furniture designer Area continues its work centered on the user and the social bond. He is now launching a range of benches that "cultivate his garden" in the heart of cities via a quest for essentials that turns his back on the accessory and the technological bidding. Available as chair, bench and double bench, Prague offers a design whose purity directly benefits comfort and price. A bench for all projects, conceived as a sharing platform where you just recharge your batteries, at your own pace: a furniture that reinvents the public bench in its most universal dimension.

Published on 10 January 2018


European Prize for Urban Public Space

The European Prize for Urban Public Space is an initiative of the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB). It was established following the exhibition “The Reconquest of Europe”, which was held in the CCCB in 1999, in order to offer testimony to the process of rehabilitation of public spaces that has been occurring in many European cities. The aim of the Prize is to recognize and foster the public character of urban spaces and their capacity for fostering social cohesion.

Published on 09 October 2017


Benches, chairs and counter for public spaces

If it is indeed an element of furniture present in all the houses, it is the chair! This postulate, so obvious, prompted the company AREA to build a range of street furniture around this subject so familiar, yet equally as indispensable to the public space as to the private space.

Published on 10 July 2017


Landezine International Landscape Award 2017

After a very successful first edition of LILA in 2016, the website for Promotion of Landscape Architecture LANDEZINE announce two new categories. Beside the established award for offices, designers are now able to submit also up to two projects in the “Project” category. Manufacturers of urban equipment can send up to 3 products for sitting in the “Product” category.