Far-removed from their original environment, however, they undergo urban stress in many forms.

To protect their roots from soil compaction, contemporary tree grilles are no longer in direct contact with the ground, but are now supported on a galvanized "cantilever", flush steel frame. Special attention must be paid to resistance when vehicles are astride, particularly where large-size protective structures are concerned.

+ Standard
AREA tree grilles are the NF P98-350 standard-compliant: "If there is a surface pattern more than 1cm deep, its plane width must at all points be less than 2 cm…"

+ Astride parking
Tree grilles rest in cantilever on an angle frame. In certain cases, load-bearing beams need to be added to reinforce the structure, underpinning the grille to allow vehicles to park astride.
AREA advice: even in so-called pedestrian zones, it is important to take into account the fact that certain maintenance vehicles have to drive on tree grilles…

+ Frame anchorage
AREA hot-dipped galvanized frames are designed to take tree grilles. Their strict geometry ensures that they are precision-positioned and perfectly flush. They also have anchor spikes for in-ground fixing. Hot-dipped galvanized steel frames serve as casing for preparing the ground which directly butts against it, avoiding any need for structural openings and finishing work.
AREA advice: supply the frames sufficiently in advance for the operator who has to prepare the ground so that he can place them "as he goes". For lead times, allow around 4 weeks for supply of special frames and around 2 weeks for standard grille frames. Our production time for tree grilles and guards is around 5 weeks.

+ Drain adaptor
Under the grille, this adaptor provides discreet connection for the drain irrigating the roots. It comes with a strainer to prevent leaves, earth or gravel building up and blocking the inside of the drain.

+ Floodlighting
BALTIMORE and BOSTON models can accommodate recessed floodlights to make trees stand out at night and illuminate pathways. The AREA LED spotlight provides attractive ambient lighting that keeps consumption under control. Adaptable to a wide range of recessed floodlights on the market, grilles can accommodate a vast variety of light sources. Port design restricts vehicles from parking astride.

Tree grilles & Tree surrounds