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Since 1987,
AREA has been a forerunner in creating street furniture in France.

It has built up a recognized identity by fostering its own distinctive approach to sector design:

FREE: imagining tomorrow’s city with boundless vision

CREATIVE: observing how urban behaviours develop and providing innovative solutions

SUSTAINABLE: taking direct interest in projects along with public space designers and showing core concern for end-users by empowering them in the design of their environment.

AREA’s four main families of street furniture are:

TREES, combining all forms of furniture to protect and highlight plant life against an urban backdrop..

STREETS, presenting matching furniture in line with the development of different ways of getting around town.

TIME OUT, proposing all forms of seating, litter-bins and fountains to enhance the comfort and cleanliness of public places

GETTING AWAY, offering new perspectives to revamp urban areas, combining relaxation, sport and leisure activities.

Investing in the future

Product and finish quality are core concerns for those in the public procurement sector: project owners, prime contractors and companies. To meet these requirements, AREA has developed a constant and sustained investment policy to build up a highly efficient industrial platform as a stepping stone to the success of your projects.

Materials and finishes have been carefully selected to ensure longevity for our street furniture roll-out.


Steel is a robust material that is resistant to shocks, time and distortion. Parts are welded together for total solidity and unrivalled longevity.

Steel is also 100% recyclable without affecting quality, which means that it can be indefinitely recycled without in any way modifying its initial properties.

Steel is also the world’s most recycled material: 40% of the steel we use comes from a recycling process.

Protecting steel

As a result of permanent innovation in available raw materials, formulations enhanced through experience and progress in application technology, the process of oven-baked powder-coating is today the optimum solution where street furniture is concerned.

Contrary to liquid paints, powder coatings contain no solvents, toxic compounds or lead-based pigments.

This coating is applied onto the parts to be coated using electrostatic powder-coating equipment. They are then oven-baked at temperatures between 160 and 200°C where they melt and are polymerized, conferring a high degree of resistance and perfect protection from sunlight and humidity.

Maintenance: marks and tags can be cleaned quite simply but care must be taken not to use any form of abrasion such as wads or creams, nor aggressive products using alkaline detergents or solvents. Superficial blemishes on the powder film can be repaired using a touch-up liquid paint of the same colour.


We use three plain, timeless colours for the metal sections of our furniture: metallic Bronze, cast-iron Grey and sanded Black. To offer you a real choice, all RAL colours and a good number of metallic or textured shades are available and proposed at no additional price.


To guarantee perfect finish for our powder coatings, AREA is a member of the "Interpon excellence network", a brand of AkzoNobel, the world leader in thermosetting powder coatings. Steel protection using the Duplex system applies two coats for cathodic protection through zinc and impermeable barrier protection via the coating. This process is regularly controlled and approved by an independent body which checks all finish stages in our plant, including surface preparation (shot peening, metallization), application and baking of primary zinc and application and baking of the coloured polyester powder. Certification means that products under the AkzoNobel system have a warranty of up to 10 years.

Stainless steel

Protected by a passive film that is formed spontaneously by the reaction of chrome with ambient oxygen, stainless steel requires no further protection to resist corrosion. The aesthetic qualities of stainless steel are the result of surface aspects we obtain via various mechanical processes such as polishing. We ensure brushed, polished or microblasted finishes through processes inspired by good practices.

Maintenance: rainwater is beneficial for cleaning stainless steel. Washing with soap and water is normally sufficient to maintain a good-looking aspect.

Wood varieties

Wood is a durable, resistant and warm material which blends well into any environment.

In addition, wood is the only material which comes from a renewable, natural resource: forests. Contrary to common belief, using wood does not have a detrimental effect. On the contrary, harvesting wood promotes regular renewal of forests when this is accompanied by a sustainable management policy.

We use three wood varieties, the appearance, durability and abundance of which are prime qualities highlighted in our furniture products.

Tropical wood

Dense and naturally rot-proof, this wood variety close to Iroko is PEFC-certified and meets the label’s management and social & environmental requirements.

The solvent-free protective products we use in aqueous phase are non-film-forming and, as such, preserve the natural aspect of the variety used, its nuances and wood grain.

Maintenance: marks and tags can be cleaned with light sanding. Protection should be renewed on a regular basis depending on where the item is installed to stop the wood from turning grey.

Ash wood

Chosen for its durability and qualities, this local PEFC-certified variety is a genuine alternative to tropical wood. Protected by using a saturator, the wood does not grey for a length of time which varies according to where the item is installed. 

Available for certain ranges of furniture, treating ash wood under pressure gives it a creamy, rough aspect which requires no particular maintenance.

Treated pine

Treated pine no longer contains any heavy metals or arsenic as was once the case. Copper salts are now used as a basic active substance. Combined with this natural element, biodegradable, organic compounds provide sufficient fungicide protective power. Consequently, when pine is treated in this way, no specific end-of-life re-treatment is required. CTB P+ certification is an additional guarantee of wood treatment quality. The certificate indicates treatment process compliancy and efficiency, as well as non-toxicity of the treated wood for the user and the environment.

Maintenance: no maintenance is required; marks and tags can be cleaned with light sanding.


For your planning projects, not only do you want to choose the products, but you would also like to know how they are made and check that quality criteria are respected. To help you monitor all aspects of how your furniture items are manufactured, AREA organizes technical tours of its Flourens plant near Toulouse at your convenience.

We invite you to come and meet us and discuss our street furniture collections against the backdrop of our 350-m² showroom at the heart of our production site. Just contact our team and we shall be only too pleased to arrange your visit.